The Woman in Black

This was the second time Twig and I shot at the Dark Hedges, but the first concept I actually had in my head. I’d seen so many pictures of these awesome trees in Northern Ireland, and always imagined something dark and foreboding to go with them. Visions of a red dress came later (another series to follow) but for this session I wanted something dark and brooding, without being too overly gothic. I was inspired by the play / film of the Woman in Black –  although having only seen the film, the character of Jennet is a strong one, terrifying yet pitiful in her grief for her child, and I envisaged a grieving and lonely woman searching the countryside for something lost.

We didn’t have long to shoot this – with there being a sunset that evening, we were shooting alongside the remnants of a group of landscape photographers, as well as some poor soul who had been hired to photograph his car in the middle of the road – an unfortunate job considering this was a well used road and he had to move it to let other cars pass through every five minutes. But we had fun, laughing with him about his assignment, helping him position his car. As sunset ended not long after we arrived, I had about 20 minutes to capture as much as I could before darkness took over.

Model: Twig UK Model

Clothing: Louise O’Mahony

Headpiece: Samantha Walden

Jewellery: Rosie Weisencrantz