The Dark Road

This is the first set of images Twig and I shot at the Dark Hedges in Northern Ireland (you can find the second set here). There wasn’t a sunset on this day so we pretty much had the road to ourselves, save for a bride and groom having what looked like epic wedding photos taken in the distance. The funny thing is – we saw that couple again at Dunluce castle the next day! The bride same up to us (still in full bridal gear) and asked how our shoot went 🙂 apparently it’s a big thing over there to spend the next day having more wedding photos taken at different locations after the wedding, and I can totally see why – If I was a bride I’d be here there and everywhere along the beautiful Northern Irish coast working my dress!

When I first saw a picture of these amazing hunched and dark trees bent over this tiny road, I already had a vision of a girl in bright red travelling down it, her vibrant gown a striking contrast to the trees. I haven’t seen Game of Thrones, but I knew this road led to somewhere royal in the show, so I borrowed a couple of fabulous tiaras from Samantha Walden and some simple yet striking jewellery from Rosie Weisencrantz Vintage Jewellery. I sourced the red dress from eBay as I knew from it’s style that it would work well for future potential conceptual work.

Sarah Ann Wright - Dark Hedges shoot web res 03Dark Hedges photoshoot sarah ann wright_0001Sarah Ann Wright - Dark Hedges shoot web res 05Dark Hedges photoshoot sarah ann wright_0007Sarah Ann Wright - Dark Hedges shoot web res 15Dark Hedges photoshoot sarah ann wright_0005Sarah Ann Wright - Dark Hedges shoot web res 06Dark Hedges photoshoot sarah ann wright_0003Sarah Ann Wright - Dark Hedges shoot web res 21Dark Hedges photoshoot sarah ann wright_0008