In the cactus garden

In September 2012 I went to visit my Dad who lives in the small village of Turre in Almeria, Spain. Since the landscape is just incredible there, Twig and I decided it would make for some great shooting opportunities that we’d never get in England.

So, armed with a giant case filled with clothing from 3 designers, meticulously packed so it wouldn’t breach Ryanair’s evil charge limit (and vastly lacking in my own clothes to fit all the fabulous outfits in) we headed off.

This was the first location we came across, right at the end of Dad’s street –  a whole garden of cacti called “chumbera” up a small hill. I thought it would be perfect for the first outfit I borrowed, one of Savanna Morrish’s birds of prey swimsuits. Luckily it was heading towards the end of the day which gave me lovely golden afternoon light and allowed me to play with shadows a bit. This was also the first time I gave my new 70-2oomm lens a good go, and I think I’m starting to love it more than my 50mm, the way you can zoom in and out to get nice framing:)

What you can’t see in these pictures is just how hideously Little Twiglet and I were getting attacked by mosquitoes…

This is the first series to come from our trip, we ended up shooting in a dried up riverbed, inside olive trees, in the pool, in some 500 year old ruins and in front of mountains – watch this space!