Canvaspop canvas print review (and win a canvas print!)

About a month ago I was contacted by the lovely guys at Canvaspop to take a look at their prints and let them know my thoughts, which you can read below. They’ve also offered one lucky reader your choice of one of my images as a free canvas print – check out the giveaway at the bottom of the article or you can visit the link here.

This might sound a bit mad, but I don’t actually have any of my own art up on my walls at home! I’ve got prints and illustrations and photography from family and friends, and holiday photos, but no actual art of my own creating, so I jumped at the chance to be able to see one of my pieces in print!

I have printed canvases before, I have a couple of holiday photos from Photobox up on our living room wall, and although they are great, I think the attention to detail, customer service and overall packaging of my Canvaspop print went a step beyond by previous experience.

I am a stickler for good and functional packaging for things (and it drives me mad when Amazon sends a tiny item in a massive box!) so really I want to start my review with the overall packaging the canvases arrive in.

Canvaspop review-3 Canvaspop review-2 Canvaspop review-1Canvaspop review-5

As you can see – really well packed, there’s no wasteful overuse of materials, and the canvas itself is very snugly packed and wrapped inside. Quite an important point as I know how clumsy some couriers can be. The box itself is easy to open so you end up lifting the canvas right out without having to rip into the thing! Love the little attention to detail with the stickers as well, coupled with the note on the back the tells you who actually made and checked your canvas, it really feels like a lot of love went into your product.

Canvaspop review-6The canvas comes with some pretty sweet stuff inside too, they provide the hook and nail so you can get it straight on the wall (I’ll admit I won’t use this because we use velcro adhesive strips to hang everything in this house instead of nails, but it’s nice to have so you don’t have to rummage about or go buy nails and hooks seperately). The picture wire is also already attached.

There’s the great emphasis on customer service again with the love guarantee, I was contacted several times after I received the print to check it was OK (and it was fab!) so even if you order one and it doesn’t turn out quite right, they will easily rectify this for you. The credit off the next order is great too, though I received mine in dollars, Canvaspop does have a store in the UK so that’s not an issue – good incentive to get more of my own art on the walls!

If you’ve just gotten married and want to give extra gifts to the family, it’s a great way to order extras for them, something I am going to let my wedding couples know all about!

Canvaspop review-9 Canvaspop review-11 Canvaspop review-7Onto the print itself…. what can I say, I love it! I deliberately picked a piece of mine that I was intrigued to see printed – because of all the white in the image, I was interested to see how this would translate onto canvas material. I’m happy to say it printed really well and there was no loss of detail, the what little colour there was in my image (mainly blues) looks great. The image wraps slightly round the corners so there’s no blank edge bleed.

Unfortunately I can’t show you a picture of it on my wall – much as I’m itching to get it up there, I’m planning to remodel my workspace over the winter and replace my current desk / shelf combo with a standing desk that I can then hang my work above. However I’m thinking of doing another blog post on remodelling my workspace so I will post a picture of it hung up then!

Canvaspop review-12 Canvaspop review-13 Canvaspop review-15A massive thanks to Kristoffer at Canvaspop for giving me the opportunity to see my own work printed in such great detail!

If you fancy a print from my portfolio on your wall, check out the giveaway by clicking the below – one lucky reader can win a 16 x 24″ canvas ready printed, wrapped and shipped directly to you! Open to the US, Canada and the European Union, the winner will be notified by email and I’ll contact you to find out which image from my portfolio you’d like printed!

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