Alivya – Spring pinks

Last spring I met with lovely model, makeup artist and milliner crafter Alivya Free up in Lincoln. It was a lovely spring day so we headed off to a local park in search of some flowers to shoot against her beautiful handmade headpieces. We’d almost given up on finding any big ones until we stumbled upon this perfect little Rhododendron patch, and a lilac bush following it. It was the sunniest day, so thank goodness for shooting in RAW and working in Lightroom because these were SUPER green to begin with!


SarahAnn_Wright_AliyaFree_pink_WebRes003 SarahAnn_Wright_AliyaFree_pink_WebRes002 SarahAnn_Wright_AliyaFree_pink_WebRes008 SarahAnn_Wright_AliyaFree_pink_WebRes009 SarahAnn_Wright_AliyaFree_pink_WebRes007 SarahAnn_Wright_AliyaFree_pink_WebRes010 SarahAnn_Wright_AliyaFree_pink_WebRes014 SarahAnn_Wright_AlivyaFree_lilac_WebRes001 SarahAnn_Wright_AlivyaFree_lilac_WebRes003 SarahAnn_Wright_AlivyaFree_lilac_WebRes005