A Desert Waltz

Here’s another set of images I shot with Twiglet last year in Spain, I loved this location from the last time I visited my Dad, and really wanted to shoot something dramatic there at sunset. When I went down to visit Louise O’Mahony to browse her creations for shooting in the lavender fields, my eye fell on this dress, and I knew it was the one!  It was so big that I knew it would contrast perfectly with the bare countryside, and the polka dots were the icing on the cake.

Twig and I shot here from sunset to dusk, and it was incredible how the colours changed so fast, and yet the dress complements them all perfectly. We both suffered for our art too – there were a lot of hungry mozzies hanging about, they seemed to find poor Twig far tastier than me and her arms were pretty swollen by the time we went home!